Long #1 – My diet and why I recommend it

First things first – The picture of the grilled chicken sandwich is and old one. I don’t eat bread anymore… but man doesn’t that look good…

Ok – My diet and why I recommend it:


The first question I get whenever someone hears that I’m on a diet goes something like this… “Why the hell are you on a diet? When I was your age I’d eat anything in front of me.”

But that’s fine. I understand why it doesn’t seem like I need a diet. I’ve never been overweight, and likely never will. I lucked out with good genes. The thing is though, I’m not dieting for weight loss. I’m dieting for health.

Heart Disease and Cancer run through every branch of the family tree. And Cancer, specifically, has impacted my life outside of my family in ways I never thought I would ever encounter at my age. And THAT is why I’m on a “diet”.

To be honest I don’t even consider it a diet. I just minimize my carbs. That’s it. There’s still small amounts of carbs in vegetables, and I’ll still have a few beers at night (probably not good to 2 beers a night, but we all have our vices), but I drastically cut back on my carbs. No bread, no pizza, no rice, no pasta. That’s the basis of my diet. I eat eggs for breakfast, and some sort of meat with vegetables for lunch and dinner. I’ve started to marinade my food for a day or so, and everything I cook tastes good. Its surprisingly simple.

When I first cut out carbs I had the idea of doing the ketogenic diet (keto for short). And I’m still trying to do that. I’m upping my fat intake and keeping my carbs low. Boom. Keto. Now I don’t go crazy. I’m not testing my blood for ketones. I’m not counting every carb or weighing my meals. I’m just making a conscious effort to eat low carb and unprocessed foods. If I could give one piece of advise for a diet, it would be low carb with no nutrition labels.

What I mean by no nutrition labels, is avoid foods/snacks with nutrition labels. Meat, no nutrition label. Raw vegetables, no nutritional label.

“But what about trail mix I’m eating is all healthy, natural and it has a nutrition label?!”… Yeah don’t worry about it. I eat sunflower seeds, canned sardines, canned tuna, they all have labels. Like I said, just make the conscious effort, you don’t have to be perfect.



That was my old diet. Fresh out of college I figure I could skim a few bucks of the top, buy in bulk and eat junk. A ton of pasta, a ton of rice, a ton of pizza, nachos at the bar. You name it, I ate it…

No lie, I ate pasta with meat sauce breakfast, lunch and dinner, 5 days a week for 3 months. I saved some money, and felt fine. Or at least though I felt fine.



Great. Unbelievable. Healthy. Confident. Happy.

That’s not a joke, its not an exaggeration. Its true. I put it to the test and the results were great (for me, yes everybody is different and other diets are better for some people). The big supports of Ketogenic diets (high protein, High fat, low carb) tout that it can lead to:

  • Better brain function
  • A decrease in inflammation
  • An increase in energy
  • Improved body composition

And I totally agree…

I compared my first couple of weeks on Keto, to being on Adderall. I feel way more focused and alert at work and feel much more productive. I couldn’t tell you anything about my inflammation, not sure what I’m supposed to feel for that. As far as increased energy? I’ve cut my coffees down from 6-7/day to 1-2/day, and I no longer feel like I need a nap when I get home. I’ve lost a little bit of body fat and leaned up a bit, but I’m also working out now, so the gym has to help with that bit..

Overall I feel great. And knowing that I’m doing something a lot of people don’t want to do, and feeling good in the process, makes me genuinely happier. Its a basic level of discipline to know how good the pasta, the bread and butter, and the cookies taste, but still be able to just say “No – I like the way I feel when I don’t eat them.” And then just do it.

My diet has given me that little confidence boost. That list boost to know that I can do whatever I want. I can be disciplined. I heard it somewhere, and put it on the front page of the blog..


Its so true.

If anyone reads this – thank you.

Maybe you can try giving a ketogenic diet a chance. Maybe you’ll like it. Maybe you want to try a different diet. Do the research. Find what works for you and your goals. And just do it. You CAN do it. You CAN change your diet. You CAN change the way you feel. And I hope you do.

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