Shorty #4 – Beautiful

Saturday May 26, 2018

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Everyday is a gift, but today it’s almost 90 degrees it’s a little cloudy, and I’m at the local park with a few friends, a cooler of beer and a new portable grill. Burgers and sausages flying. It’s great. Perfect start to Memorial Day weekend.

Today wasn’t completely as planned though but that’s good. As long as you deal with change of plans well. And you should. A change of plans shouldn’t be a big deal. Roll with the punches and keep moving forward.

My change of plans was a hidden gift. Tried golfing early, but to no surprise all the courses are packed for the long weekend. But it allowed me to take my beautiful girlfriend to breakfast. It was perfect. A nice healthy no carb breakfast. I had scrambled eggs with steak and mushrooms. She got the same but with avocado. Both tasted awesome and basically carbs (the mimosas were pretty sweet too, but we’re not counting all carbs. Got to live a little.)

Moral of the story, just roll with the punches. Enjoy every day and just make the best of everything. Every change almost always turns out to be a good thing.

If anyone reads this – thank you.

Keep moving forward with your goals in mind and enjoy everyday. Embrace changing plans and always make the most of it.


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