Shorty #5 – Be Better

Tuesday May 29, 2018

4:00AM. The alarm quietly starts to play. My volume is still set to about 50%, and its refreshing to wake up more naturally and not to an extremely loud and blasting alarm. You should try it.

The long weekend was refreshing and I was able to spend a lot of time with the girlfriend. Realized it had been a while since we did something just the two of us… so I fixed that, spent a ton of time with her. Driving range, breakfast, movies, arcade and bowling. It was great.

We had a couple small arguments, nothing crazy. Just pointless, useless, bickering. We’re dumb. We’re young, and we’re just dumb sometimes. But we know that. We address it, we talk about it, and we both know that we just need to be better.

Just be better. Be better today than yesterday, and better tomorrow than today. Not leaps and bounds, but just incrementally better. It will benefit you in any aspect of your life. I use it at the gym. Pick a reasonable starting point, keep a log, and each workout push for that extra repetition, or a little more weight. Little by little, piece by piece it will all come together.

If anyone read this – Thank you.

I hope you realize that you can always be better, and that you strive for it.

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