Shorty #7 – Willpower

Thursday May 31, 2018

4:05 alarm, and I’m awake. I sat in bed for a few minutes telling myself how tired I was. How I didn’t need to work out 2 days in a row. How I would feel better at work if I got another hour and a half of sleep… Willpower.

Your head is your own worst enemy. It will always try and rationalize a way out. An excuse. A reason not to… Willpower.

  1. control exerted to do something or restrain impulses.

It is just willpower. And like discipline it gets stronger the more you use it. Set your goals, set your path to achieve them, and just do it. I didn’t want to wake up this morning. I love sleeping. But what I enjoy more than sleeping is achieving my goals, feeling great, and being able to tell myself that I’m more mentally tough than everyone else. Tougher than those who eat junk food because its easy. Tougher than those that are out of shape and don’t want to wake up early to workout. Mentally tougher than the average person.

Little do those people know how good they would feel and how truly easy it is. Just set a goal, chose your path to achieve it, and just do it.

If anyone reads this – Thank you.

Exercise your willpower. Allow it to grow and use it to better your life and your self.

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