Shorty #8 – Sorry

Thursday July 26, 2018

Sorry to myself.

It’s been a few wild and crazy weeks/months since the last blog. I stopped going to the gym, my diet slacked, I spent too much money, I GOT ENGAGED.

Its been a wild ride.

I’ve tried getting back on the horse and working out, even woke up at 4:00am twice this week. Only to go back to bed. Its weakness… starting a new habit is hard, its scary, but ti only takes a few days to start a habit (don’t quote me on that, I think I read it somewhere).

So tomorrow, FRIDAY JULY 26th, I WILL go to the gym. I will also get back to blogging, for myself. It helps to get thoughts out of my head. And I’ll be tackling something really tough for me to talk about, because I need to talk about it…. Cancer.


If anyone reads this – Thank you.

Everyone could use a new healthy habit, and the time is now. Goodluck

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