Long #3 – Cancer

Friday July 27, 2018

It’s time I finally start talking about something that has both plagued and enriched my life more than anyone can comprehend.



A word that is thrown around a lot. A word that has effected a lot of people. A word I never thought would describe my girlfriend (now fiance). But, so is life.

Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors, sounds horrific. But GIST, makes it sound a lot better, so we’ll go with that.

GIST is cancer, plain an simple. My fiance has it. It scares me. But shes a tough women, so I do have some piece of mind. Through out this last year or so, when cancer has been apart of my everyday life, through her, I’ve grown a lot mentally and emotionally.

It takes a lot out of you to work 10 hours a day, only to go home to cancer. To be intimate with your significant other, knowing your hands are on top of tumors. To be fully immersed in the idea that one day your significant other might not be here. To be 24 years old and going through more shit than most people ever will. Its fucking draining, mentally and emotionally. But I’ve learned to cope with it as best I can. And yes there are times were I lose my fucking shit. I yell, I curse, I cry. But I move on. I get past it. I keep going. I have to. I have to be strong for her, because she is strong for me. We’re a team, and I wouldn’t want anyone else on my side.

So what do I do to help me stay sane. I take control and I stay realistic

  1. Come to terms with reality.
    1. Understand the possible outcomes, be prepared for the worst, but strive for the best.
  2. Take control where you can.
    1. You can’t control cancer. It happens. But we can control how we set up her body for the fight. Eating healthy, taking natural supplements to help with inflammation and nausea. Drinking a lot of water to help flush the chemical toxins from treatment out of her. Eat a high calorie diet, to help counter weight loss. Just taking control of everything we can.

Being realistic with what is going on helps me keep a clear mind. I don’t have to lie to myself about what is going on or what is going to happen, I’m just honest with myself. Second, and most importantly I take control where I can. It gives me the peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to set us up for success in this battle.

What I try to not do is dwell on the negatives. Whether its the cancer, or the medication, there’s a lot of negativity floating around us. Finding a way for my Fiance and myself to avoid it is key. And so far we’re doing a pretty good job.


At 24 years old I’m dealing with things that a lot of people never will. And I know that. But it’s OK, because I have my best friend by my side and we’re both prepared for this battle, whichever way it may go.


If anyone reads this – Thank you.

I hope that anyone in a similar situation can find peace that they are not alone, and can take steps to set them up for success. Win or lose, it can be a long drawn out battle. And to that I say ‘Bring it”, because I know I’m not giving up.


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