Long #4 – Mentors/Role Models

Thursday August 2, 2018


I’ve been slacking lately. On my diet. On working out. I don’t like the feeling of it, when I know full well that I feel so much better when I just do it. But its so easy to not do it. Its so easy to eat like shit, to sleep in, to stay up late.

I’ll say it now, I’ll say it tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday…. I. WILL. GO. TO. THE. GYM. MONDAY!


Part of the reason I want to get back to the gym and eating healthy is that I try to artificially surround myself with good role models. And in today’s age its so incredibly easy to do so. Instagram, snapchat, twitter and facebook all have the unique ability to give you a glimpse of someones life. The important part of this is to make sure you let in enough beneficial people. Role Models. For whatever you want to do. Seek these people out, follow them and let them positively influence you.


Me? I have several I follow on Instagram:

Joe Rogan – Most people know Joe Rogan as the Fear Factor guy, or the UFC commentator. But did you know he has one of the most successful podcasts on YouTube?  – Powerfuk JRE

His podcasts are 1-3 hours long and cover a WIDE variety of topics. Surprisingly, hes incredibly intelligent, and it really shows in his podcast.

A few reoccurring themes in a lot of his conversations include taking care of your body (diet/exercise) and success. He constantly talks about the need to put in hard work and listening to him enough it pays off. It drives me.

But he also has a lot of fascinating guests. One of my favorites lines was from Steven Tyler.

  • “remembering things is huge… if you remember those things over and over you’re going to become a wizard” – Steven Tyler


Cameron Hanes – I found Cam through Joe’s podcast and he has a lot of the same values. Plus this dude runs over 20 miles a day. He works a full time job and is also a bow hunter. He got me into hunting and really shows his value of life and death of the animals he hunts. And he eats every single animal, he’s not some trophy hunter. He spends hours every day with his bow, and will hike miles into the wilderness on the pursuit of fresh food for his family. Its truly quite impressive.

Jocko Willink – Another JRE guest, Jocko is a former seal and both his podcasts and book will help drive you to be the best that you can be. If your interested you can listen to his book on spotify for free. Discipline Equals Freedom

His book is what really drove me initially to take care of myself and take control of my life. He pushed me to be more disciplined.

  • ‘You have control over your mind, you just have to assert it”… “weakness doesn’t get a vote, laziness doesn’t get a vote, sadness doesn’t get a vote.”




Not every role model should be online though, and its important to have real life, tangible role models. For me, I think I have the strongest one.

My Fiance

Born in another country, initially her for cancer treatments, we met and hit it off. Now as my Fiance she still continues to be a role model to me.

She is the most unselfish woman I have ever met, and the bravery and strength she exhibits in the face of cancer is astonishing. I really don’t know how shes does it.


Regardless of who you are, where you’re from, or what your goals are, find a role model. Let positive people influence you, and strive for success.


If anyone reads this – thank you.

I hope that you can find a role model to push you to sucess.


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